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3rd The SolarPlex Chakra – Manipura). Ginger/Peppermint Essential Oils–Citrine Crystal.

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Located in the upper belly at the diaphragm. Color Yellow. Fire Element This chakra is associated with personal power. Governs the personality, ego, and identity.  As well as personal freedom, choice, and authenticity. Plays a strong role in confidence, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Good balancing oils to expand the solar plexus chakra are ginger which aids with grounding and providing a needed energy boost; this oil has been nicknamed the essential oil of empowerment. Meanwhile Peppermint aids in promoting a focused state of being.

The Crystal Citrine is one of the essential stones of the sacral chakra, making it a staple for creativity and manifestation. Citrine is a warming, energizing, and highly creative crystal.  It imparts the energy of flexibility and openness to new experiences. It energizes every level of your life and is a powerful attractor of helpful friends.

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