1st Root Chakra (Muladhara)
Patchouli/Bergamot Essential Oils -Smokey Quartz Crystal
3rd The SolarPlex Chakra (Manipura)
Ginger/Peppermint Essential Oils–Citrine Crystal
5th Throat Chakra-(Vishuddha)
Lavender Essential Oil- Blue Lace Agate Crystal.
7th Chakra Crown-(Sahasrara).
Palo Santo / Vetiver Essential Oils-Clear
2nd Sacral Chakra-(Svadhisthana)
Niaouli/Ylang-Ylang/Clary Sage Essential Oils- Moonstone Crystal
4th Heart Chakra (Anahata)
Geranium Rose Essential Oil. Rose Quartz Crystal.
6th Chakra 3rd Eye (Ajna)
Rosemary & Eucalyptus/Clary Sage Essential Oils-Amethyst Crystal

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