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Balancing Your Throat Chakra Center

Where is this energy center, and what does a balanced Throat Chakra mean? How do I balance this energy center, and what are the benefits of a balanced Throat Chakra?

The fifth Chakra is referred to as the Throat Chakra or Vishuddha Chakra in Sanskrit. This Chakra center sits in the throat, jaw, neck, mouth, and thyroid area. Vishuddha, translated into English, is “especially pure."

The Throat Chakra governs your mouth, tongue, and neck; therefore, governing your area of speech. It houses your ability to speak your truth, your freedom to express your inner self, and your freedom to express a point of view without self-judgment or concerns from other points of view. To be heard authentically, aligned yourself with your “pure thoughts" instead of saying what you “think" others want to hear.

When balanced, it enables your ability to come from a place of authenticity, to come from a pure space, to state your point of view, to proclaim it, and to find that “my voice matters."

When this energy center is blocked, your words are choaked down, causing confusion, gossip, explosive opinions, and a harsh temperament that influences the personality towards an undesired direction.

This inability to express yourself can cause an inner dialogue in your head, commonly referred to as the monkey brain. It is a constant chatter that creates self-doubt, self-criticism. Left unheeded can cause undesired chaos in your goal of achieving serenity.

Align your Throat Chakra and be able to speak your inner truth and reach the sensation of inner peace, non-judgment, and self-love. Use meditative tools to heighten your frequency and live from an authentic place of joy.

The Sacral Chakra is approximately two inches below the belly button

A blocked second chakra will leave you unable to be in the present moment

Meditate to open your Sacral Chakra

The feeling of gratitude is the fastest way to enhance any of your chakras.

Meditation for the 5th Chakra

The color of this energy center is represented with turquoise blue. Close your eyes and try this short meditation to aid you into a space of alignment of the fifth energy center.

As you breathe in through your nostrils, envision a swirly turquoise blue ball in the center of your throat expand. As you breathe out, watch it contract. As you breathe out, whisper, “I speak my truth, I know my truth, I speak with love." Repeat this a few times throughout your day.

As an aid to get you to the desired space, you can use pure essential oils that target the Throat Chakra; a favorite is Lavender oil. Natural healing crystals and their high-energy properties can also get you into the space of alignment.

Throat Chakra Soul Wipe

Blue Agate Lace is a crystal that can amplify this desired frequency for the Throat Chakra.

Soul Wipe is an essential oil hand sanitizing wipe created to target the Throat Chakra by infusing Lavender and Blue Agate Lace to get you into this desired space.

I hope to produce a meditative tool to assist you in achieving a space of ease throughout the day as you sanitize your hands. Try this mediation to create a space of relaxation.

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