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Balancing Your Sacral Chakra Center

The Sacral Chakra is commonly referred to as the second of the seven Chakras or energy centers in your body. This Chakra is located approximately two inches below your belly button, part of the lower Chakra system.

This energy center forms when we are young and impressionable and is the center of our feelings, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection.  There can be a lot of judgment within this energy center. Judgment over sexuality is either magnified and glorified or rejected altogether.

This judgment can result in either blocked or an overwhelming second Chakra. If you are in an environment that judges passion or frowns on emotional reactions, you are taught not to lose control. This rigidness can lead to blockage.  A blocked second Chakra will leave you unable to be in the present moment or express your true nature putting on a mask to blend in. Do this long enough, and you’ll forget who you are or what you dreamed of becoming.

The Sacral Chakra is approximately two inches below the belly button

A blocked second chakra will leave you unable to be in the present moment

Meditate to open your Sacral Chakra

The feeling of gratitude is the fastest way to enhance any of your chakras.

Meditation for the 2nd Chakra

Close your eyes and envision an orange glowing, swirling ball around 2 inches below your belly button.  Breathe in through your nose, expanding the belly as you breathe deep into this space.

As you grow your belly, imagine the glowing orange ball expanding to the size of a basketball. Yes, make your belly nice and full.   Counterintuitive to how we were taught, as we were told to always suck in our belly. Right now, I am asking you to breathe deep and expand the glowing orange ball.

As you breathe deeply in through your nose as you exhale, whisper, “I am love.” Breathe in again as you breathe out, whisper, “I love my body.”  Breath in, expand the belly, breath out, whisper, “thank you body.”  Another word to whisper as you do this meditation is saying the word “Vam.”

Do this multiple times throughout your day, especially if you haven’t been thanking your body in a while.  Being grateful for your body will help to expand this Chakra center. The feeling of gratitude is the fastest way to enhance any of your Chakras. Essential oils can assist in getting you to get into this space of ease.

Sacral Chakra Soul Wipe

Try wiping your hands with the Sacral Chakra Soul Wipe before this brief meditation, which is infused with the essential oils Niaouli, Ylang-Ylang, and Clary Sage.  Wipe your hands toss the towelette aside, and breathe in.

The crystal chosen for this Chakra is Moonstone; this combination of the crystal and these pure essential oils was chosen to raise your vibration and alignment to the Sacral Chakra.  Living in alignment, you will feel at ease.

May these tools help you find a place of ease and gratitude.

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