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Balancing Your Root Chakra Center

Your Root Chakra, also known as the first Chakra, is one of the lower Chakras. This is the Chakra that is our connection to Earth, our link to the material world. By having your Root Chakra balanced, you will obtain a sense of belonging and security in actions and choices.

Your self-worth is held within this space. The feeling of “I matter.” Therefore, a balanced Root Chakra is crucial because you are important. You matter, and no one can change, nor take that from you. This feeling of importance and belonging comes from within, so let’s practice some rituals that can enhance your Root Chakra wheel and help you balance.

The Sacral Chakra is approximately two inches below the belly button

A blocked second chakra will leave you unable to be in the present moment

Meditate to open your Sacral Chakra

The feeling of gratitude is the fastest way to enhance any of your chakras.

Meditation for the 1st Chakra

Meditation for your Root Chakra: Close your eyes and try the following: envision a red swirling wheel at the base of the spine. Envision it opening and glowing brighter and more prominent as you breathe into it. The center is glowing from light red to deep red, dark in the center light, and as it grows, it illuminates.

Breathe in through your nose, expanding your belly as you breathe in deep. Relax your mouth ever so slightly and exhale. As you exhale, whisper, “I am safe”, breathe in, breathe out, whisper “I am love”, breathe in breathe out, whisper “I am home”. Wipe your hands with a Soul Wipe hand wipe, and breathe in the scent of your hands. Breathe in, fill your belly, breathe out contract your belly.

You can also chant “Lam” as you breathe out, inhale a deep belly breath slowly through your nose. As you exhale slowly, say “Lam” slowly.

Repeat this process as you close your eyes, seeing the ball at the base of your spine grow and glow. As it gets bigger, allow yourself to see roots growing from the seat into the ground, envision them growing and glowing.

Sacral Chakra Soul Wipe

A Smokey Quartz Crystal can also enhance this process. Feel the energy the crystal emits, helping you expand into Mother Earth. You are safe, loved, and at home. Spend moments in silence a few minutes throughout the day practicing this expansion into Mother Earth. Unblocking your Root Chakra will allow you to feel safe, at ease, and at peace throughout your day.

Noticeable changes that you may feel as your Root Chakra opens is the ability to sense your own energy, feel connected to the Earth, remain in touch with your body, and notice nature around you. The ability to trust yourself and others is a benefit of this open, grounded center.

May your day be filled with ease and joy.

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