Natural Sanitation Wipe made with Pure Essential Oils and Healing Crystals at the bottom of each canister. One dedicated to each of our 7 Chakra Centers. Made with 100% Bamboo. Shop Now

Lift Your Soul.Wipe Your Hands

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What is Soul Wipe?

Soul Wipe is a Natural Disinfectant Wipe that is moist enough to clean your hands, feet and space. Made with Pure Essential Oils and Moisturizing Essence of Aloe and Chamomile Flowers that Soften Your Skin.

These Plant-Based Wipes have the added benefit of being a Mindfulness and Wellbeing Tool. Soul Wipe is focused on bringing a Soulful Elevation to everyday products to help us bring Peace and Positive Energy into our lives.

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While Cleansing Your Hnads
Amplify Your Chakras
Soul Wipe is a hand sanitizing wipe; each wipe is infused with essential oils and healing crystals amplifying and balancing the frequency of each one of your Chakras. Soul Wipe hand sanitizing wipes sanitize your hands without drying them. The flower extracts soothe the skin while harmonizing your spirit. The crystals within each canister are dedicated to a chakra in assisting you to expand your energy center.

Orders of 2 or more canisters qualify for Free Shipping.